Catheter Ablation in Los AngelesThe Catheter Ablation procedure is used to destroy damaged sections of the heart that cause arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythm problems. As an electrophysiologist based in Los Angeles, Dr. Helmy performs cardiac studies to determine the cause of heart problems including arrhythmia and other abnormal heart rhythm problems. Using an EP or EPS (electorphysiology study), Dr. Helmy can identify the specific areas of the heart where the damaged sections are located.

Catheter Ablation Procedure

Using the data from the EP or EPS (electrophysiology study), Dr. Helmy is able to perform a catheter ablation using a cardiac catheterization procedure to repair the damaged cardiac areas. Using a thin wire called a catheter, Dr. Helmy accesses the heart through the femoral vein, internal jugular vein or subclavian vein. Small electrodes are connected to the heart to allow the cardiologist to determine the specific location of the arrhythmia issues. Once the damaged areas are located, electrical impulses are sent to the affected tissue that has been causing the abnormal heartbeats. By scarring the tissue of the affected area of the heart, the rhythm problem is fixed.

When is Catheter Ablation Recommended?

Your cardiologist will recommend catheter ablation when other attempts to control your heart issue have been unsuccessful. Certain instances include: medication is not controlling the heart arrhythmia, you can’t tolerate the prescribed medication or you have a high risk of a heart attack due to your arrhythmia, such as ventricular fibrillation.

Post-procedure success is often in the hands of the patient. Your cardiologist may recommend changes to your daily regimen, including increased physical activity, eating healthier foods, avoiding excessive salt, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding caffeine, quitting smoking and managing stress. Follow-up ablations can take place if the issue is not corrected during the first procedure, but as with any surgery, the hope is that the arrhythmia is fixed during the first procedure.

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