Dr. Ibrahim Helmy, M.D. - Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist. Located in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Ibrahim Helmy, M.D. and office staff

Dr. Helmy graduated from UCLA for both undergraduate and medical school. He attended his internal medicine, cardiology, and electrophysiology residencies at UCSF. Dr. Helmy has been in practice for over 25 years dedicated to his chosen and cherished profession.

Dr. Helmy has three children in college and participates in many community groups.

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Dr. Ibrahim Helmy Cardiologist - Staff

Maria & Yvonne

Dr. Helmy is very blessed to have a dedicated and competent staff providing excellent patient care and office management.

Maria and Yvonne have been with Dr. Helmy for a combined 15 years as a coherent team of office management staff, office and patient care staff, as well as insurance and billing staff.