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Men’s Health Month: Making Heart Health a Priority

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men in the United States, but there aren’t always warning signs of heart disease. This often silent killer claims the life of one out of every four men, half of which die suddenly with no previous symptoms and kills equally among most racial/ethnic groups in the U.S.

Statistics show that men in America are at high risk for heart disease. Consider the following:

Though many men may be developing or experiencing heart disease without even knowing it, there are some crucial signals that can alert you to problems before they cause a heart attack or death:

June is Men’s Health Month, and knowing what signs to look for is an important first step in safeguarding your heart health. Locating a qualified cardiologist in Los Angeles and scheduling and keeping regular check-ups are your best bets against heart-related death.

Dr. Ibrahim Helmy is one of the most highly trained and experienced cardiologists in the Los Angeles area, and provides a full range of diagnostic and interventional cardiac services. From prevention and early detection of heart problems to the latest in cardiovascular care and treatment, Dr. Helmy and his competent and friendly staff are your best defense against heart disease. Call Dr. Helmy today, and start living a heart-healthy life.

Ibrahim Helmy, MD

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