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The Importance of Good Medication Management

Medications are involved in nearly 80% of all medical treatments, including cardiac care, blood pressure management and arrhythmias. Managing multiple medications at the same time is difficult, even when you’ve spent time with your doctor and pharmacist discussing your prescriptions in depth. The last thing you want to happen is to cause damage to your body by improperly taking your medications.

All drugs can have adverse side effects, but when properly used, those risks are carefully evaluated by your cardiologist, electrophysiologist or other health care professional based on your condition, health background and overall wellness at the time of prescribing the drug. Dangerous spikes in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fainting, seizures and even death are just a few possible outcomes of prescription drug misuse.

Tips for Personal Medication Management

  1. Keep a medication checklist and calendar. Organization is key to managing your medication. Create a weekly or monthly medication calendar and add all appropriate over-the-counter and prescription medications. Remember to note when you need to re-order each medication so you won’t run out. Keeping a list will also help save time if you visit a new doctor.
  2. Keep a file of all medication information. Again, organization is key. After acquiring a medication from your pharmacy, read all important information and then file it away in case you have questions about dosage or side effects later.
  3. Use a pill organizer. Pill organizers are a cheap way to de-clutter the numerous pill bottles crowding your medicine cabinet or kitchen counter. Pill organizers can also help you remember if you’ve taken your daily medications.
  4. Use 1 pharmacy. If you have the ability to fill your prescriptions at one pharmacy, take advantage of their services. Many pharmacies will track your medications and alert you to possible drug interactions.

Dr. Ibrahim Helmy places the health and safety of his patients as his highest priority, and works hard to ensure each patient understands the inherent and dangerous risks associated with drug misuse. As a highly trained cardiologist and electrophysiologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Helmy knows the importance of good medication management, and is dedicated to educating his patients about the medications they receive. If you have questions or concerns, call Dr. Helmy at 310-672-8209 to discuss a cardiac medication management program.

Ibrahim Helmy, MD

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